launching Ekphrastic Assimilations 同画项目

Post-industrial Society has Arrived

I’m taking this moment, after a few months reprieve from work on this blog, to announce the launch of the Ekphrastic Assimilations project. This will involve an exhibition, held at the VALA arts center in Redmond, WA and in conjunction with Ryan James Fine Arts in Kirkland, WA from September 15 through early November, as well as an academic conference to be held jointly by Pacific Lutheran University and the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

Please visit the website to learn more about the project, or check back here, where I will now be posting EA-related updates and information.



Great Conversation at VALA

Had a fine time at VALA last night, talking about art revolutions, Ai Weiwei, and a myriad other. Gaul Culley and I were “headliners,” but the real stars are the VALA community, so ably led by Jessica Lambert:

This event part of current exhibition, about which more here:


Along with some photos of the event itself:


Gaul_Paul_Discussion Gaul Paul_Manfredi VALA_Art_Center VALA_Revolution VALA_Transformation