closer to home

“Art” broadly construed:

We are proud owners of a much better camera.  Thus, we are endeavoring to learn how to use it. Here a string of photos from one birthday to another (October to December) with seasonally adjusted points in-between:

a necklace I purchased at some shop in Beijing 798. works well enough.

nothing like light

and shadow, of course (not to mention color!)

and in no time it was snowing

which brings joy

But before that was the maple tree:

everything that goes up

must come down (or is that “petals on a wet, black … “)

And what’s a girl to do on her 8th birthday?

climb a tree with friend, of course

Lucia, Milan, Taylor, Tove, Maddy

One thought on “closer to home

  1. Vicky Garay says:

    Great photos!🙂 Love them!❤

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