One thought on “Opening Ekphrastic Assimilations (in two days)

  1. Ekspastic whatever? Big words aside, I would definitely go if I was in the neighbourhood. We have an Ai Weiwei exhibition here in Vienna right now, close to where I live. Well done, with very informed guides, activities and speeches and so on. And my most important books have just come out, and at least one of it is somehow related, because Yi Sha published in First Line 一行 in 1988 and continued to illegally distribute the magazine in Xi’an in the 1990s as long as it lasted. He participated in the protests of 1989 in Beijing and graduated from Bei Shida after the massacre. So he does have a very strong connection to Yan Li, and therefore in extension to Ai Weiwei and to where Ai Weiwei comes from.

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