launching Ekphrastic Assimilations 同画项目

Post-industrial Society has Arrived

I’m taking this moment, after a few months reprieve from work on this blog, to announce the launch of the Ekphrastic Assimilations project. This will involve an exhibition, held at the VALA arts center in Redmond, WA and in conjunction with Ryan James Fine Arts in Kirkland, WA from September 15 through early November, as well as an academic conference to be held jointly by Pacific Lutheran University and the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

Please visit the website to learn more about the project, or check back here, where I will now be posting EA-related updates and information.



Yan Li “killing haze”



I’m fortunate enough to be curating an exhibition coming up next month at the Ryan James gallery. More on that project in the coming weeks.

Part of the display will be six new works by Yan Li. One of these is his seal script performance of the following poem:










The moment I awake

I discover this morning

Is more beautiful than ever

I also discover

My hands have blood marks

Then I remember

Last night I killed a patch of haze





Poem and calligraphy by Yan Li

Poem and calligraphy by Yan Li


Closer to home: new gallery in Bellevue



IMG_0777 IMG_0778

Last week I had the pleasure of kicking off the art article discussion series at newly opened Ryan James Gallery in Bellevue. I’ve met Ryan and the crew a number of times now, and am really impressed with their level of energy and inventiveness. Though this particular event was perhaps more run of the mill in conception, the Gallery operators envision a truly wide array of activities to be centered their in the space. I hope to be involved however I can.

The discussion nominally concerned ZZ Wei’s work, about which I’ve written in AsiaPacific Arts. Big surprise of the evening being that ZZ and his wife Hsuan-chun were able to make an appearance as well. The conversation veered widely, though, and is quite well summarized by Ryan himself on their Facebook page.

So for those in the area or not too distant distance, do drop in. You’re sure to find something going on.