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Zhong Biao, Abstract Work on paper, June 2014

Visiting with Zhong Biao at his studio in Beijing this month, and taking a brief look at the few pieces not yet sent off to Montenegro for his “Blown Over” exhibition. I discovered in Zhong’s work, there’s nothing new, but everything’s changed.

Actually, I started looking at new work waiting (endlessly, as it is these days in Beijing) for a cab on the street. At first glance I thought I saw the familiar figures–detailed, hyperreal, uncannily chosen and exquisitely placed into a bed of abstract swirling ethers. It was not until I arrived at the studio and looked more carefully at the paintings that I discovered that there are no figures in these actually entirely abstract works. Below two examples:



Zhong Biao New Works



Zhong Biao, Abstract Work on paper, June 2014

Zhong Biao, Abstract Work on paper, June 2014


He’s currently working on these on paper and ink (among other materials), but plans to return to canvas as he expands. He’s also begun experimenting with actual photographic fragments printed onto canvas, something that his earlier work suggested, but was not technically possible. Looking forward to the results of that experiment.

Coming up for Zhong is a exhibition in January at Pompidou in Paris, followed by one in spring (date not yet set) in Chengdu. Below a few photos of Zhong, Acang (faithful painting assistant) and Mantou, the dog;


DSC00580 DSC00581 DSC00582 DSC00583


Mr Wu (faithful manager, framer, occasional cook, all-around helping hand), working on some serious kabob in Blackbridge-area repurposed factory-cum- restaurant. We know Blackbridge is coming into its how when they start serving food like this!


20140704_202303 20140704_202336


Also, a nice series of images from Blown Over opening, courtesy of :




Visiting Zhong Biao

In September I also made my third—if I recall correctly, and I may not—visit to the Black Bridge District (黑桥) in East Beijing to visit the Sichuan painter Zhong Biao (additional post below).  I have published two articles on this painter, both of which have appeared in Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art.  Below are some photos of his studio, and segments of his recent works of art. The outside photos are of the grounds of the studio, from late afternoon to late night (the latter taken after about 10 bottles of some very fine wine).

One of the most notable aspects of this studio, common to many such structures in the Black Bridge district, is the fact that they are all slated for demolition in the coming year.