Poems about gambling

Although everyone is familiar with Dostoyevsky's novel, gambling has a long history in literature, dating back far beyond Dostoyevsky's The Gambler. It is well known that there has always been a connection between gambling and poetry. Throughout history, many poems and novels have been influenced by gambling. Although you can find many instances where gambling is used as a metaphor for life, the author sometimes leads you straight to the casino table.

Poems about gambling

Our collection of poems about gambling includes some amateurish poems as well as some more famous ones.

Putting a few nickels into the machine is the only way you will be able to win the jackpot. — Flip Wilson Writing a poem is much like riding the chariot of fortune. Many people visit online casinos in the UK to play their luck, but others gamble with their thoughts and words. The Fairspin crypto currency casino is open to play without restriction and can be played without restrictions.

The fact that many people are suffering from gambling addiction is a sad story. Losing all your possessions and finding yourself in poverty are really bad cases of gambling addiction. However, an artist, a poet in his soul, can separate himself from his possessions because he is a poet from the core.

No fruit machine Can't overpower me. Like a bee to nectar, I'm drawn to the stage.
Spending money At the fruit machine.

I love the sight and the sounds the colors on the screen.

When I win the jackpot, I yell and scream with excitement.

I smirk and shine, adrenaline flows through my hot blood.

I am seized the moment a hypnotic pleasure.
Spending mone Day and night.

Sounds, colors and flashing lights always attracts me ¶

And when money it's tight, I never panic.

Oh, don't you see? That no fruit machine Can't you see that no fruit machine.

No fruit machine can overpower me.

Wayne Leon Lermond.

However, gambling and poetry are not always associated with addiction. There are other instances where the inspiration of gambling takes the author into a historical setting. What follows is a Western-style story from LG Maece, a member of the Academy of American Poets.