News Years in China

 In china now, and severly challenged as far as internet access is concerned. I’ll be sending art-info content upon return. In meantime, and just from the front pages of Zhejiang Province news (where I am currently), residents of  Taizhou have newly installed of all things…a wall!  This will keep out unwanteds, particularly theives, who come New Years are considered to be a major headache in all Chinese cities, this one no exception. Residents and legitimate visitors are issued cheerful yellow coins for entering the city.

  From my humble point of view, I’d say Chinese theives are still relatively few given the massive income disparity in this country and the close proximity of rich to poor in China’s cities major and minor.  Will be interesting to note whether such measures have much impact.  If Taizhou is a success we may well see not a great wall, just a myriad of gates.




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