Between artist and architect

Continuing my theme of artists and architects.  It is well-known that Ai Weiwei was involved in the creation of the “Bird’s Nest” structure for the Beijing Olympics.  In my most recent trip to Zhong Biao’s studio, I find that he, too, has invested in architectual building software and is “advising” on, if not flat out creating, designs for structures himself.  In this case, it is a small development on the banks of the Lake Erhai in Yunnan Province.  The lake is increasingly trendy recreational spot, particularly for cultural producers in the Southwest.  Here a typical photo:


The Erhai Lake in Yunnan Province


Zhong Biao was kind enough to share with me the current version of his work on the project.  At the moment, it appears as follows:




I find most intriguing are the glass cubes which occupy the top floor and center of the structure.  The same from another vantage point:




shows how one could pass beneath the glass-encolsed sitting area.  Another intriguing question is how the structure would function (as far as I can tell the developers are still wrestling with this issue).  The children and dog in foreground of second image (no doubt selections from a template provided with the program) would suggest (perhaps?) single-family?  The various configurations of chairs and tables, meanwhile, suggest outdoor cafes, or other types of recreational spaces.


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