“Written Words Make a Wall” video–Yan Li’s painting and poetry

One more in my video series, this one with cameo by Lucia, an avid if still somewhat imperfect reader.

The short poem series that frames, textually, the video is ongoing.  Numbering already in the thousands, Yan Li regularly groups and publishes these works in English and Chinese (English versions usually courtesy of Denis Mair, Yan Li’s most consistent translator).  I hope to continue producing video work based on the poems and his paintings, both old and new.



2 thoughts on ““Written Words Make a Wall” video–Yan Li’s painting and poetry

  1. Gail Pellett says:

    Hi there, this is a fascinating and elegant blog/site. You may be interested in reading my early article about the Xing Xing artists who began arriving in NYC in the mid-80’s. (includes interviews w/ Ai Weiwi & Yan Li and many others) I had lived in Beijing in 1980-81, attended their first big exhibit at the National Gallery before they were banned again. In those days, it was Wang Ke Ping’s sculptures that provoked us. I also wrote a lengthy article about Ai Weiwei’s photo exhibit/book for a pan/asian photo review site…all available on my archival website: http://www.gailpellettproductions.com I am now writing my memoir of that Beijing year so many moons ago, so I hope to keep in touch with you…

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